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Wedding Photography

Weddings are joyous occasions and contain both formal and informal elements all wrapped up in a multitude of happy, funny and tearful moments, not to mention a light dusting of surprises.

My job is to capture these within a set of beautiful images.

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Every wedding is special and unique

Whether your wedding is a small family affair, a grand social event, a traditional church service, a ceremony in a beautiful location or an intimate gathering at the local registry office, it will always be a privilege to photograph your special day.

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Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life.

It's about you, your partner, family and friends, an occasion to remember throughout your life.

A beautiful set of pictures will help you recall the laughter, happiness and joy of that wonderful day.

Although I work hard to capture fleeting, emotional, personal and poignant moments during the day, I still enjoy every second and will always love photographing weddings.

Bride & Groom

We all have preferences and I will make sure I understand yours so your wedding is captured just the way you want.

What do I offer ?

Essentially what every photographer should offer, their time, skill, eyes and experience.-

My time for as little or long as you need. My skill in the use of photographic equipment, computers and imaging software, my eye for a picture ...

.... and my wedding experience of PEOPLE, LOCATIONS, TRADITIONS, but most importantly the EMOTIONS such a special day holds for us all.

I enjoy meeting couples to talk about their wedding plans and I am always delighted to help them in any way I can, whether they intend to book me or not.

Everyone at the wedding

Some very kind words....

"What can I say. Looking through these photos has put the biggest smile on my face, they are absolutely amazing - and so many of them! I cannot thank you and praise you enough for being such a brilliant photographer, on the day you were so discreet and confidence inspiring - you made it a dream for a couple who are naturally unbelievably awkward when put in front of a camera. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all of my friends. You've clearly put a lot of work into this album and we are so, so grateful - it was the best day of my life and these will serve to remind me. Thank you!!!!" ..... CAROL & ANDREW