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bride and friends

Wedding Portfolio

Classic formals to whacky candids

Decades of weddings have produced a multitude of images.

I have put together a very small collection under several headings as a taster.

Alternatively, if you wish to view complete weddings just let me know and I will provide you with access to an appropriate set of complete weddings.

Bride preparations

Preparations and arrivals

Not all couples want their preparations photographes, but for those that do there is a wide range of subject matter! From people, flowers, dresses, makeup to action and emotions.

Bride and groom kissing during wedding ceremony

During and after ceremony

This is looked upon as the serious business end of the occasion, but my experience tells me it can also be a happy, joyful and even amusing episode in the day.

Page boy kissing flower girl

Bride & Groom

There has to be images of the bride and groom and I make sure there are plenty taken throughout the day. These may include formal, informal and candid photographs, but I always like to include some natural romantic images of the couple if requested and this can be done away from the crowds, even at a different location if necessary.

Page boy under brides wedding dress

Reception into evening

So much can happen at the reception, speeches, cutting the cake, toasting, games and general frolicking, all providing plenty of opportunities for some cracking pictures.

Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot

Many couples now wish to celebrate their engagement with a pre-wedding shoot which provides images to use in wedding invitation cards as well as providing an opportunity for the couple and photographer to get to know each other better.

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