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First Dance at wedding
Wedding protography Award
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Always ready to listen

Always glad to answer questions

Always delighted to help

Wedding photography and picture taking styles have changed considerably over the last 30 years.

Whatever the current trends, my focus has always been to provide couples with a set of images that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

My lead comes from them, so traditional, contemporary, classic, candid, informal or reportage styles may all have a place in producing a complete record of their day.

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Bride and groom in garden
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Today it's less about posing......

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wedding church service
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....and more about informals and action.

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wedding confetti wedding throwing the bouquet
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Another significant difference is that instead of using medium format FILM cameras to shoot 36, 48 or 72 photographs at a wedding, I now find myself using DIGITAL cameras shooting off 400, 800 or 1000 plus images to capture as much detail of the day as possible.

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Flexibility is Key

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I never force clients to have anything they do not need or want, it's their wedding not mine.

My starting point comes from them and what they expect from me.

I will do whatever it takes to provide them with a set of memorable images that captures their special day.

Style and approach....

....is not only about the images, its also about how I interact with others.

Clients say I'm approachable, easy going and have a relaxing and friendly manner.

However, it's easy to get drawn into all the excitement and I often help out with button holes and advise on wedding protocols. There have even been times when I have made tea for family members that found themselves running behind schedule.

As the wedding photographer I am there to take pictures, to capturing not only the main elements but also the little things that make up the fabric of the day, and getting involved gives me the opportunity to understand and capture the full rainbow of emotions being felt by those around me.

Discreet and unobtrusive. . .

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. . . so not to interrupt the natural flow of events.

There may be a time when formal groups need to be taken (if requested), but this is always done quickly, efficiently and with good humour to form part of the celebrations.

If the couple have arranged to include some traditional (or contemporary) elements such as confetti, presenting a horse shoe, cutting the cake, toasting, throwing the bouquet, first dance etc. I will ensure these are captured as they happen with a minimum or no orchestration from me unless requested to do so.

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I do requests

On the day I am always delighted to be asked to take specific photographs by family and guests. Just come and tap me on the shoulder and let me know what you want taken.

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Confetti at wedding

More kind words

"Ed you don’t fit in a box, you don’t need drones, fireworks or special tools; you got all the craft a photographer needs, an eye for capturing real life as it happens, our wedding photos are amazing." Lucy & Kev

Always a privilege to photograph your wedding day.

Whether your wedding is a small family affair, a grand social event, a traditional church service, a ceremony in a beautiful location or an intimate gathering at the local registry office, it will always be a privilege to photograph your special day.

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Father walking bride up the isle at wedding ceremony

Wedding couple and child in front of old cottage
Bride & Groom hugging
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Modus Operandi

I always recommend couples meet their photographer(s) before making a decision to book. They need to be sure he/she understands their requirements and be able to satisfy them in every respect.

I am always glad to meet up with prospective clients as many times as necessary for them to feel happy and confident I can provide them with the service they need.

Once booked, I still recommend at least one other get-together nearer the time to go through the logistics of the day in more detail, to give them and me more confidence that everything is covered.

I'm often asked the same questions by wedding couples, so I have listed these together with my answers in a Q&A sheet accessable HERE

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